Apple To Unveil New IPhone And Apple Watch In September—Here Are Some New Features To Expect

Published 3 months ago
By Forbes | William Skipworth


Apple on Tuesday announced its next product update event on September 12, where it’s expected to unveil the iPhone 15 and next generation Apple Watch—with rumors and early reporting suggesting new features including a larger screen and a standardized USB-C charger.


Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a longtime Apple reporter who’s revealed numerous product leaks over the years, reports that Apple designers have long dreamed of creating an iPhone where the screen stretches across the entire face of the device with no borders or cutouts for cameras or sensors.

The iPhone 15, Bloomberg reports, will get them closer to that goal by removing the cutout at the top of the screen that makes space for the camera and facial recognition sensor and putting those two components behind what’s called a “dynamic island,” which uses new technology that allows them to operate from underneath the screen and allows the user to display a number of interactive modules such as quick access to maps or pausing and playing music.


That dynamic island feature has already been implemented in the more expensive pro version of the iPhone 14, but Bloomberg reports that it will become standard on all models of the iPhone 15.

Additionally, the higher end Pro and Pro Max versions of the iPhone 15 will have borders that are .7 millimeters thinner than the current version which have 2.2-millimeter borders, according to Bloomberg.

Additionally, numerous reports including BloombergTom’s Guide and suggest that the iPhone’s charger might switch from its proprietary lightning cable technology to USB-C, which is a standardized connector used across the tech industry, a move the European Union is mandating, though North American regulators haven’t made any such requirements. is also reporting rumors that the new iPhone could have a camera with a “periscope lens,” which is new technology that uses a series of mirrors to provide a higher-quality optical zoom, and that some versions of the new iPhone 15 might use titanium instead of aluminum.


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The Apple Watch is expected to see more modest updates. Apple reportedly plans to unveil the Series 9 lineup of the Apple Watch which will have faster chips and offer new case colors, according to Bloomberg.


Apple was rumored to have a major change to its side buttons, but that was reportedly canceled after a number of engineering problems. Engineers were reportedly working on new buttons to replace the current volume and power buttons for the higher end versions of the iPhone 15, according to Bloomberg and other sources. The new buttons would’ve used haptic feedback to allow users to feel vibrations and motion in the buttons. However, the mute/ring button will reportedly turn into a so-called “action button,” allowing users to change a number of new settings through it.



Apple announced its reveal event online Tuesday. The event is set to take place at 10 a.m. Pacific Time September 12 at Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. It will be streamed online. The event is expected to unveil four models of the iPhone 15: two lower-end versions and two higher-end. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple’s sales have slid for three straight quarters, meaning there’s likely a lot of pressure on Apple to deliver during this presentation. The iPhone makes up 48.5% of the company’s revenue, while wearables like the Apple Watch comprise 10.1%, according to Bloomberg.


Apple Sets Sept. 12 Date for Launch of iPhone 15, New Watches (Bloomberg)